DUI / OVI Overview

polite-side2DUI / OVI Overview

Ernst & Associates LLC defends clients throughout Ohio against OVI/DUI, traffic violations, and other criminal law charges. Do not take your charges lightly. Too much is at stake. Work with a distinguished, experienced OVI lawyer who can help you minimize the consequences of criminal charges.. Call Matt Ernst at 513-579-9500 or 513-615-2460 for experienced, forceful representation. We offer convenient evening or weekend meetings to suit your schedule.

It often begins with a routine traffic stop – a broken taillight, speeding, changing lanes without using a turn signal. The police officer who pulled you over may or may not suspect you of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol.

Whether you have been drinking or not, it is always wise to be calm, polite and cooperative (to a reasonable degree). Have your license, car registration and proof of insurance at the ready. Delays in providing documents, fumbling and confusion are triggers that may produce or escalate suspicion.

Don’t lie or become defensive or combative. In fact, say as little as possible. Do not answer potentially incriminating questions. Assert your right to keep your mouth shut and in full control of your person before you consult legal counsel.

Not matter how nice or mean the arresting Officer may be, never allow yourself to be sweet-talked or bullied into false self-incrimination. Never perform sobriety tests. The walking, turning and standing on one leg tests are set to fail. The portable breath test is inadmissible because the Supreme Court has ruled them unreliable. The best course of action is to contact Matt before submitting to any chemical test. Be polite but firm. Kindly say no. Period!

If you are lucky, you’ll be issued a summons for a traffic infraction. Politely sign the citation where indicated and be on your way. Even if you’ve had only “a little bit” to drink and think you might have passed the field test you most likely escaped much more serious charges.

But if you are charged…

  • Consequences
  • Defense
  • Dismissal
  • Plea Bargain
  • Trial
  • The Legal Process