DUI / OVI Consequences

DUI / OVI Consequences

DUI (or DWI, OVI or OMVI) charges are to be taken very seriously. The harsh consequences require aggressive, competent legal representation.

Even first time offenders face driver’s license suspension, hefty fines and potential jail or residential driver’s intervention program time.

Loss of driving privileges and time away from work make it difficult to maintain a job, find a job and, obviously, to provide for yourself and your family.

In some instance you may be required to wear a BAC-monitoring ankle bracelet or even install a “blow-and-go” blood alcohol testing device in your car.

Consider the myriad of costs attendant to a DUI charge:

  • Minimum fine $375
  • Penalty Assessment $100
  • State Restitution Fund $100
  • Alcohol-Abuse Education Fund $50
  • Blood/Breath Testing Fee $37
  • Jail Cite-and-Release Fee $10
  • Driving/Alcohol-Awareness School $375
  • License Reissue Fee $500
  • Ignition Lock $150

Ohio has a range of penalties for each class of OVI violation, with additional penalties accruing for repeat offenders.

Think insurance is expensive in Ohio already? Expect a conviction (even a citation) to impact your insurance costs (which may quadruple). Say goodbye to that “safe driver discount”! And this increase can last as long as 3 years after the DUI.

  • Insurance added costs could be upwards of $5000

If costs and potential loss of your freedom, if only temporarily, aren’t enough, consider the social stigma and other consequences of a criminal record which can even impair your ability to travel abroad. And, bear in mind, an Ohio OVI conviction will be on your record for life. It will show up on a background check. You may even be declined a security clearance for a government job.