Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Cases

Has someone in your family or household accused your of domestic violence? If so, you are going to need a skilled defense lawyer to help you challenge these allegations in court. Domestic violence is a serious charge that can ruin your reputation and also result in criminal penalties. At Ernst & Associates LLC, we have a Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers who can help you protect your rights in your criminal case. Our firm handles criminal cases in Greater Cincinnati and in Northern Kentucky.

The state of Ohio defines domestic violence as the following:

  • Intentional cause of physical harm to a family / household member
  • Reckless cause of serious physical harm to a family / household member
  • Threat of force causing the family / household member to believe such harm will occur

Individuals who may be considered family or household members include the following: a current or former spouse, a parent or foster parent, a child, a relative, a child or relative of a current or former spouse, or someone who lives with the offender (including in a common law marital relationship).

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