The Real Cost of a DUI

arrest3-textThe Real Cost of a DUI

Don’t think first-time DUI/OVI arrest, charge and/or conviction are anything to take lightly. Not only are the personal costs serious, but the financial consequences can be devastating. Don’t believe it? A typical DUI conviction can run to $10,000 or more in direct and indirect costs. Ohio imposes serious criminal sanctions for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) or driving under the influence (DUI) conviction. It may seem that the most frightening part of a drunk-driving charge is the possible jail time and monetary fine, but a conviction would affect many areas of your life. You would probably lose your license at least temporarily, making it harder to work and provide for yourself and your family. Sometimes convicted drunk drivers must forfeit their motor vehicles. You would also find it more difficult and more expensive to maintain auto insurance. Contact an experienced drunk-driving defense lawyer like Matt Ernst at 513-579-9500 or 513-615-2460 today to help avoid these consequences. Here’s how it breaks down:

Before you even go to court:

  • Bail $150 – $2000 (The low end represents only 10% of your actual bail and assumes you’re using a bail company to cover the cost)
  • Towing and Impound $100 – $1000

Court costs:

Even if you enter a guilty plea, you’ll need an attorney to handle court filings. If you go to court with a defense, you’ll want an experienced DUI lawyer to present your case.

  • Attorney Fees: We specialize in DUI / OVI defense and fully understand the complex nature of these types of cases. We will evaluate each situation on a case by case basis and take the many variables into account before quoting a legal fee and agreeing with the client how costs and expenses will be handled.

If you’re convicted of DUI, the court will not only impose fines and fees (not to mention suspension of your driver’s license and a possible jail sentence) but also will likely require you after release to attend alcohol-awareness school; wear a BAC-monitoring ankle bracelet; or even install a “blow-and-go” blood alcohol testing device in your car.

  • Minimum fine $200
  • Penalty Assessment $100
  • State Restitution Fund $100
  • Alcohol-Abuse Education Fund $50
  • Blood/Breath Testing Fee $37
  • Jail Cite-and-Release Fee $10
  • Driving/Alcohol-Awareness School $375
  • License Reissue Fee $500
  • Ignition Lock $150

Ohio has a range of penalties for each class of OVI violation, with additional penalties accruing for repeat offenders. This article outlines the penalties defined by the Ohio Revised Code.

After your DUI:

Think insurance is expensive in Ohio already? Expect your conviction (even a citation) to impact what you pay for insurance, which may quadruple. Say goodbye to that “safe driver discount”! And this increase can last as long as 3 years after the DUI.

  • Insurance added costs $5000

Anything else?

… Well, there’s your background check by future employers; perhaps lost wages with your current employer (time in jail, time lost for court dates); perhaps loss of your job if you can’t make it to work due to license suspension or driving restrictions.

Statistics for the state of Ohio indicate that the average costs of an OVI/DUI run to about $7000, but the costs – now and in the future – of a case that is not aggressively defended may be much, much higher, which is why it’s so important to have an experienced attorney. We defend clients throughout Ohio against OVI/DUI, traffic violations, and other criminal law charges. Do not take your charges lightly. Too much is at stake. Work with a distinguished, experienced OVI lawyer who can help you minimize the consequences of the criminal charges you are facing. Call Matt Ernst at 513-579-9500 or 513-615-2460 for experienced, forceful representation as you face any OVI/DUI related charge.

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