Alcohol Offenses

Accused of an Alcohol Offense?

alchohol[1] Work with Our Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorneys!
If you are facing criminal charges for an alcohol offense in the greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area, please make sure to consult with our knowledgeable lawyers at Ernst & Associates LLC. We provide personalized legal representation to each client we represent. Retaining legal counsel is the smartest thing you can do to protect yourself and your future in any criminal case!

We assist with a number of different alcohol-related cases, including those relating to:

  • DUI / OVI charges
  • Open container violations
  • Underage possession of alcohol
  • Distributing or selling alcohol to minors
  • Disorderly conduct while intoxicated by alcohol..

When you come into our law firm, we would be happy to offer you a free consultation. This will give us the opportunity to evaluate the charges that you are facing and put together a workable plan of action. Contact us at 513-579-9500 to get started!