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What Sets Ernst & Associates Apart From Other Defense Attorneys

What Sets Us Apart From Other Defense Attorneys

  1. We exclusively practice criminal defense and focus on protecting the futures of our clients. We’ve earned a reputation as top criminal lawyers because criminal defense is all we do. Law is a vast field. By choosing attorneys that only focus on one area of law, you’re choosing someone whose skills are focused on that area.
  1. We take the difficult criminal cases other Cincinnati attorneys shy away from. We don’t cherry pick our cases like many other attorneys do. Many lawyers claim great results and achieve notoriety because they do not take on cases that truly require dedicated and skilled attorneys. We don’t pass judgment on our clients. We will never turn against you. People sometimes make mistakes. We are here to fix them with a non-judgmental approach. We welcome the challenge of winning tough criminal cases.
  1. We are well-acquainted with the Court and Court Personnel within the Cincinnati area. Knowing what to expect from judges and prosecutors in your case can mean the world of difference in the results of your case. We make it our business to be a part of the legal community and know the judges and prosecutors as well as possible.
  1. We fight to get your criminal charges either reduced or dismissed. Your freedom and your record mean everything to us. We want what you want: This case gone. If you need us immediately, we will be there. On most cases, we are hired over the phone and ready for court the very next day.
  1. We prepare all cases for trial and develop a meticulous defense. Our dedication is relentless, and our techniques on case investigation and trial preparation are meticulous. We use the most experienced former police officers to investigate our cases. You are not just hiring a lawyer. You are hiring a team that works together on your case to give you the best chance of winning. We truly care about our clients.
  1. We offer top notch criminal representation for reasonable attorneys’ fees. We offer reasonable rates. We offer payment plans so you can get the defense you need. We are available after-hours, weekends and holidays.


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